Detailed Information

Comprehensive and thorough information is provided about Stations, Timings, Nearby areas and much more in a very intuitive manner

Updated Train Timings

The timings are up-to-date and we ensure they remain the same by frequently updating the app with the latest timings

Gorgeous Design.

The app features an intuitive design which not only is soothing to the eye but also provides a nice user experience


The app is compatible with almost 99% android devices which ranges from API Level 9 (Gingerbread) to the latest versions

Metro Station Details

Station Details.

This layout provides comprehensive details of all the 24 stations respectively. Such as it specifies the area belonging to the station along with a mark on the map helping the user to find and navigate to the station easily. "Places Nearby" helps the user to find hospitals, eateries, ATMs and other such important places in its vicinity.

Fare and Travel Info.

A simple interface to calculate the fares between stations. This layout will also specify the total distance, travel duration, intermediate stations and service times between the two selected stations.

Fare and Travel Info.
Nearest Station Layout

Nearest Station.

Shows the nearest station from the user's current location. User can easily navigate to that station using the navigation feature powered by Google Maps.

Train Times.

Displays the next 5 train timings from your selected station, the arrival time and duration to reach your destination station.

Next 5 train times

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