JIMS Hospital Branding and Social Media Management

Social Media Management and Branding Services for JIMS Hospital

Branding and Consultancy services including social media management and content strategy development for JIMSH.

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    Budge Budge, India
  • Industry
    Healthcare | Institution
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    Branding | Social Media Management | Content Strategy


Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital (JIMSH), established in 2016, is a leading multi-specialty medical institution located in Budge Budge, Kolkata. It focuses on providing quality medical education and healthcare services, with a vision of bringing international standard healthcare to all and a mission to educate youth in the medical field with values and wisdom​​​​.


  • Enhancing JIMSH’s brand presence in a competitive healthcare and education sector.
  • Developing and implementing an effective social media strategy to engage a diverse audience.
  • Designing visually appealing and informative banners and billboards that reflect the institute’s values and offerings.
  • Creating a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with JIMSH’s educational excellence and healthcare services.

Our Solution

  • Implemented a dynamic social media management strategy, maintaining active engagement across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube​​.
  • Designed creative and impactful banners and billboards, showcasing JIMSH’s state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional medical education and healthcare services​​.
  • Developed a content strategy that highlights the institute’s academic achievements, including high-quality medical education and healthcare research activities​​.
  • Ensured that all branding and marketing materials consistently reflect JIMSH’s vision of creating a better future through education and improving lives with quality healthcare services​​.


Our branding and consultancy services have significantly enhanced JIMSH’s visibility and reputation in the medical education and healthcare sector. Through targeted social media campaigns, engaging visual designs, and strategic content creation, we have successfully communicated the institute’s commitment to excellence in medical education and patient care, thereby strengthening its position as a leading medical institution in West Bengal.