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Web Development

The website is considered the “space” for every bit of information for customers. We create websites with a significant focus on UI/UX design. Our experience lies in delivering projects targeted to multiply sales figures and elevated online presence.

Custom Software Solutions

Software has changed the way we think and work in the current era. The Digital Transformation of business is on the rise. A software to cater to your specific requirements is the next big thing. Let us assist you in creating custom software for your needs.

App Development

It is always believed that apps make our job more efficient. We are experts in creating web and mobile applications based on the latest web architectures. Let us help you by making an app to automate your manual and recurring tasks, and you focus on essential things.

IT Consulting

Life without IT in an enterprise is unimaginable. IT brings efficiency and promotes improvement by automating tasks. We can digitally transform your company with our combined expertise in Web, Cloud, and Analytics.

Design & Development Consultancy in the city of joy – Kolkata


We are not just your everyday “Web Development” agency. If we say we are client-focused, creative, and focusses more on quality than quantity, you will think we are the same old bunch of any other digital agency. However, let us tell you we are subtle yet straightforward. You have to work together to really understand our process. We believe every client is our partner.



Technologies & Frameworks we use

Our team uses and works with some of these technologies and frameworks 


















How We Work?

Its often said, “the way you approach work is almost half of the job done.” This is how we approach work

You express freely, and we closely make detailed notes of everything you describe.

Based on our notes, we start brainstorming the best possible ideas, solutions, and suggestions to suit your unique requirements.

At this stage, we create a mockup of the work we propose to do. We understand you may have various changes in your mind upon looking at an example. And we keep enough room to make those changes. Your satisfaction is our greatest success

Once you have finalised and accepted the mockup, we start to develop it into a real one.  We strive to keep you informed of the progress at regular intervals.

Once we have completed the project, we take it through rigorous testing to ensure optimal satisfaction. We agree that things may break as time progresses, and we are there to help even after the project delivery.

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