NSHM IT Infrastructure Management

NSHM Knowledge Campus IT Infrastructure Management

Provision and maintenance of advanced AWS server infrastructure and IT support for NSHM Knowledge Campus

  • Client
    NSHM Knowledge Campus
  • Location
    Kolkata | Durgapur
  • Industry
    Education | Institute
  • Our Solution
    AWS Infrastructure | Software Maintenance


NSHM Knowledge Campus, with over 25 years of academic excellence, offers a range of professional degree programs across diverse fields such as Business & Management, Media & Communication, Health Sciences, and more. With its strong alumni network and industry connections, the campus required a robust IT Infrastructure to support its expansive academic and administrative operations.


  • Ensuring seamless management of NSHM’s dynamic websites, which are critical touchpoints for students and faculty.
  • Providing reliable AWS server infrastructure to handle the large volume of data and online traffic associated with an educational institution of this scale.
  • Regular maintenance and support to ensure the websites and server infrastructure remain up-to-date and secure.

Our Solution

  • Deployed and managed AWS server infrastructure, ensuring high availability, scalability, and security to support NSHM’s diverse and extensive digital requirements.
  • Regular maintenance and updates of the NSHM websites, hosted on these servers, to ensure it reflects the institution’s wide range of programs and services effectively​​.
  • Implemented advanced security protocols and backup solutions to safeguard the institution’s data and provide a reliable online experience for students, faculty, and visitors.
  • Provided continuous technical support and consultancy to address any emergent IT needs, aligning with NSHM’s goals for academic excellence and industry readiness​​​​.

Technology Stack

Amazon Web Services Infrastructure.


The IT infrastructure management for NSHM Knowledge Campus exemplifies the integration of advanced technological solutions in the education sector. Through effective AWS server management and website maintenance, we have ensured that NSHM’s digital presence remains robust, secure, and aligned with its status as a leading educational institution. This collaboration demonstrates how technology can enhance the educational experience, both administratively and academically, in today’s digital era.